Sage Pastel Bookkeeping Fundamentals


Difficulty: Moderate

Course Information

Course Outline

Entrance Requirements

Grade 12 Mathematical Literacy or Grade 10 Mathematics.

Target Learners

This course has been designed for learners who are required to work with accounts, and who have had little or no exposure to bookkeeping.

Delivery Method

  • Online Video Tuition
  • Self Study


The assessment forms part of the course and has to be written within 6 months from the commencement date of your self-study course. To make it easier for you, all the Sage Pastel assessments are now ONLINE. This means that you can write the assessment in your own time and in the comfort of your own home (as long as you have a computer with internet access). Once you have completed a Sage Pastel training course, we would therefore encourage you to take the Sage Pastel competency assessment. Assessments are offered only in English and in an online environment.

Bookkeeping Introduction
  • The different types of companies in South Africa
  • What is accounting / bookkeeping?
  • The bookkeeping and accounting cycle
  • The accounting equation
  • Transactions and accounts
Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • What is VAT?
  • The different VAT categories
  • VAT processing
  • Calculating VAT
  • The mark-up, gross margin and VAT
  • Completing the VAT 201 report
Source Documents
  • Source documents
  • Receipts
  • Deposit books / slips
  • Cheque counterfoils
  • Petty Cash vouchers
  • Tax invoices
  • Credit notes / returns
  • Inventory systems
  • Costing methods
Subsidiary Journals
  • Introduction
  • Cashbook journals
  • The cashbook receipts journal
  • The cashbook payments journal
  • Petty cash journals
  • Creditors and creditors allowance journals
  • Debtors and debtors allowance journals
  • General ledger journal
  • Reconciling your journals
The General Ledger
  • Different sections of a general ledger
  • Posting to the general ledger
  • Closing off ledger accounts
Trial Balance
  • Integrated inventory
  • Post from your general ledger to your trial balance
Statement of Income / Income Statement
  • Posting to your statement of income
Statement of Financial Position / Balance Sheet
  • Posting to your statement of financial position
Bank Reconciliation
  • Introduction
  • The bank reconciliation process

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