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Frequently Asked Questions

1How do the training courses work?
Register on the website and purchase the desired course. View the online videos and work through the manual. Do the appropriate assessments based on the selected course.
2How long Is a course?
Courses can be completed in your own time. Each course has about 5 hours of video instruction. The Pastel Online assessments will have to be completed within 6 months of the purchase of the course.
3How will I get my Pastel course manual?
Once you have registered for a course and the payment has cleared, your manual will be couriered to your specified address.
4How do I know my current level of accounting knowledge?
You can do the free assessment that can be downloaded from the website and email the completed assessment back to us. We will give you feedback on your assessment.
5Do I obtain a formal qualification?
The pastel certified courses do offer a formal qualification. You will recieve your qualification once you have completed the Pastel online assessment and you are found to be competent.
6Are there special rates for Schools?
Schools and other institutions can contact us for special group discounts.
7Can corporate businesses gain from our website?
Corporate businesses can advertise on the website or sponsor learners and in return will provided with information of learners that have completed the course with their assessment ratings.
8Do any of the courses cover my syllabus?
The course does not cover any syllabus but will help you with the basic accounting principles that you then apply to you studies or in the work place.

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